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I'm the lovable one.

Hi. My name is Deacon, but you can call me "Deke". I am a Siberian Husky. I was rescued from an animal shelter where I was taken when I was found on the street. Now, I get to travel around the country and meet a lot of people. I love kids. They're fun to play with. I don't do the 'fetch' thing - at least not yet. I do enjoy running around and wrestling, though. I really want to jump up in someone's arms, but I'm having to learn not to do that. People don't want their church clothes messed up.

Anyway, Mom says I'm a real, live stuffed animal. I guess it's because I really like to cuddle and my coat is really soft. So, when I see you, I will probably want a hug - or at least a good pat. I hope to see you soon.

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